Original Artwork, ‘Pink Cloud No. 2’, a life in recovery - Raffle Ticket

Original Artwork, ‘Pink Cloud No. 2’, a life in recovery - Raffle Ticket

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Winner of this raffle will receive this 36” x 48”, Acrylic hand painted artistic expression of sobriety. 

From the Artist:
“There is always a story behind a painting. And for me, the story of ‘Pink Cloud No. 2’ began on April 29, 2000, my first day of sobriety. While devoted to 12-step recovery from my disease of alcoholism, I entered my ‘Pink Cloud’ stage that lasted for three years. And slowly, stepping out of the recovery community to do life on my own, my world turned into a blank canvas of Pink. And hidden below the smooth surface of beauty and untethered color, lying dormant, were my unfinished paintings: unexpressed grief, stored trauma, unhealed wounds, suffering, and unhealthy coping skills resulting in my life lived as an imposter.

And then it happened! Without picking up a drink, I hit my true bottom. An emotional bottom so dark and scary that layers of pain had begun to seep through the beautiful pink-colored painting. The illusion of my perfection was exposed, and my denial unveiled in 2015 when I checked myself into Caron Renaissance to treat my behavioral health. Only from the strength given by God who chose to work through others, was I able to see the pathway to becoming whole - a slow and gentle journey that I learned after my masks were removed. I was re-birthed. 

 This painting is my second of the ‘Pink Cloud’ series. The textures represent the range of my emotions and the positive energy gained from releasing stored trauma and grief. The colors of soft pink and white express the calm moments of my inner world; and the more saturated colors convey the staccato of my life, one with natural ups and downs. The gray tones in the lower portion are my constant unanswered questions, reminding me to patiently wait. ‘Pink Cloud No. 2’ embodies the real me, a life devoted to recovery, brimming with love and hope.”