Personalized Pet Portrait - Raffle Ticket

Personalized Pet Portrait - Raffle Ticket

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Value: $1,500
Donated by: Ben Heller, BooBooSketch Artist

Winner of this raffle will create a timeless memory of your beloved pet. Using a selected photo, you provide, the custom handmade pet portrait is a perfect addition to your home or serve as a great gift for the pet lover in your life.  Showcase your pet on a 28x48 canvas of mix media art using heavy body acrylics, liquid acrylic and ink.  Production time should be 2-3 weeks depending on time of request.  Canvas is light weight and easy to hang from any wall; hooks not included. 

This raffle also includes the artist’s hand crafted acrylic painting of a Tarpon.  This painting was created on a 28x48 canvas using mix media art.  

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